Why Choose Thorntons Security Shredding?

We provide the most secure on-site and off-site data and material destruction system available.  We provide free of charge secure executive lockable cabinets for your in-house requirements to store your documents securely prior to shredding.

We provide a no obligation quotation for all jobs, big or small, from a single filing cabinet to a large warehouse clearance.  We provide weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just once in a while clearouts.  We provide you with an economical, efficient and secure service.

Services Offered

  • Mobile Shredding –  Our shredding trucks call to your site.
  • On Site Shredding – Work is done at your site in our mobile shredding truck.
  • Off Site Shredding – We collect your materials and transport them to our secure facility at Park West Dubiln 12 for shredding.
  • Purge or One-time Clear Out – Annually or Bi-Annually
  • On-going Service – Shredding on a regular basis
  • Certificate of Destruction –  Issued on completion of all shreds to our clients
  • EN15713:2009 Certificate – The management and control of secure collection, transportation and destruction of confidential material.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th May 2018, replacing

the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

Minimising the data your business holds, especially legacy data,

will be one of the first processes towards compliance.


We are registered with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner as Data Processors.

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Specialists in the Secure Destruction of Confidential Data

Thorntons Confidential Shredding Service offers our clients both outstanding value for money and guaranteed security for all your shredding needs. All businesses have sensitive confidential data, documented and electronic, that must be destroyed to protect employees and clients who have a legal right to have their data protected.

List of items we shred:

  • Paper
  • Hard Drives
  • Cd’s/DVD’s
  • Back Up Tapes
  • Uniforms
  • Marketing Materials
  • Media Tapes

Media coverage of Confidential documents found in landfills etc. highlighted for many the importance of protecting their business and reputation by disposing of sensitive data safely and securely.

Thorntons has responded to this challenge by investing €3 million in a state of the art secure shredding facility and service.  We offer a premium on-site or off-site shredding service.  This can take the form of a once off mass destruction/purge or a regular daily/weekly/monthly service.

What we Offer

On-Site Shredding

Thorntons provides FREE OF CHARGE locked executive cabinets to store your Confidential documents.  On a pre-determined schedule our Customer Care team will arrive and promptly remove your sensitive documents directly onto our mobile shredding truck for instant destruction.  Clients are invited to view the destruction of their documents if required.

Thorntons will then issue a Certificate of Destruction providing you with documented proof of the secured destruction of your confidential data. Our trucks are capable of shredding in excess of 2 tonnes per hour!!!!!   What would take your traditional small office shredder hours to complete we can do in minutes thus saving you valuable time and money.

Pictured above is final shredded and baled paper at Thorntons Secure Facility, Dublin 12.

Off-Site Shredding

Thorntons trained Customer Care team will remove your documents or materials from your premises and bring it in secured vehicles directly to our State of the Art Secure facility at ParkWest, Dublin 12.

Thorntons “Double Shred” all documents beyond recognition.  We then bale the shredded paper and ship it under seal to Approved paper mills in the UK or Europe for recycling into new paper products.  Thorntons will issue a Certificate of Destruction for all completed shreds leaving you with a full audit trail and documented proof of destruction.



Thorntons can either collect documents regularly, or collect them when you call us


Thorntons will shred your documents either on or off site. A certificate of shredding will be completed


All shredding waste will then be brought to Thornton's paper recycling facility


Shredding waste will then be recycled and turned into new paper

Shredding process

Confidential documents – how secure are they? How are they shredded? Find out more about Thorntons Security Shredding process.

Purge or One-Off Clear Out Service

If you have accumulated volumes of files or Confidential material our Purge Service is for you. Call us for a free site visit and estimate.  After evaluating your requirements we will agree a plan that meets your requirements and your budget.  All work will be carried out by our trained staff in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner