Kilmainhamwood Compost is the largest fully enclosed composting facility in Ireland situated on a 33 acre site in Ballynalurgan, Kilmainhamwood, Co Meath. During 2013 a further investment in the facility was made and additional capacity added to treat Ireland’s organic waste.  Since the end of 2013 we have been capable of processing over 40,000 tonnes of food/organic waste there, material that in the past would have been landfilled.

The facility produces high grade compost and offers customers a product that can be used as a soil conditioner in commercial agriculture, landscaping, as organic fertiliser or as a custom growing media.

The facility is operated under EPA Licence W0195-02 which determines the types of material to be composted including non hazardous biodegradable material such as catering waste, green waste, brown-bin food waste and sludge. The facility is also approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Kilmainhamwood, Co. Meath
Kilmainhamwood, Co. Meath

Food Waste (Composting)


Leave your food waste bin out for collection on your designated service day


Your food waste is collected and delivered to our compost facility


Material is processed into compost at our state of the art facility in Kilmainhamwood, Co. Meath


Compost is produced and then supplied to farmers and landscapers


You put your food waste into your Brown Bin – what happens next? See how Thorntons Recycling Compost Facility operates.

Brown Bin Collections

Thorntons Recycling are pleased to be able to offer to all of its commercial customers a Food Waste Collection service.    From 1/7/2010 all commercial customers that produce food waste are required to source segregate their waste food and organise a seperate collection.   This material is diverted away from landfill and sent to Thorntons Kilmainhamwood facilty where the material is turned into a compost product.

For more information on our service please click on the attached link

Commercial Food Waste Collection Service