If You Like Recycling, You’ll Love Compost!

March 9th 2016
From Your Bin to Compost
  • From Your Bin to Compost
  • Gardener nurturing a young plant with compost

If You Like Recycling, You’ll Love Compost!

March 9th 2016

Your brown bin is taking biodegradable waste away from landfill and creating a quality product, compost. So what happens after your Thorntons Recycling brown bin is collected? We have developed the largest fully enclosed composting facility in Ireland situated on a 33-acre site in Kilmainhamwood, Co Meath.

Since the end of 2013 we have been capable of processing over 40,000 tonnes of food/organic waste. This material, previously, would have been landfilled. Instead we now have 15,000 tonnes of high grade compost. This is supplied to eager local farmers and landscapers who testify that Thorntons compost is an excellent fertiliser and soil conditioner.

The facility is managed by Sean Campbell operating under EPA Licence W0195-02 and approved by the Department of Agriculture.  Sean controls the moisture and temperature conditions to enable microbes to break down the catering waste, green waste and brown-bin food waste ensuring the correct amount of oxygen is generated. The site is also regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. A negative-air pressure system eliminates odours from the process.

Every year the average bin contains enough unrealised energy to produce 500 baths, 3,500 showers or 5,000 hours of television.

Waste is our business – don’t throw it all away.


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