Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who does it effect?

The new charges apply to Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers only.

  • When will it take effect?

The charges will come in effect on 1st May 2018.

  • Why are you putting a charge in now?

From January 2018 China has dramatically reduced the importation of recyclable commodities such as those found in your recycling bin to encourage local recycling markets in China. Due to limited demand from alternative markets this has substantially increased the cost of processing your recycling bin

  • How can I reduce my charges?

Have you considered choosing our new Eco Band option? Many customers have found it is the most economical option for a three-bin service. Thorntons Recycling also recommend that better use of the organic bin is the most efficient way to reduce overall customer charges.

  • Does your company operate their own recycling facility?

Yes, Thorntons Recycling operates a state of the art, award winning facility which segregates up to 50,000 tonne of mixed dry recyclables per annum.

  • Will the charge change if prices of recyclables return to previous levels?

Thorntons Recycling normally reviews its charges on an annual basis to reflect changes in recycling commodities and all other costs.

Any changes to prices will be advised to customers.




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