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The people manning the phones are extremely helpful and pleasant, the guys on the trucks do a fantastic job, great team. Carol Diaw, Co. Wicklow
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Bin collection schedules

If you are in the Dublin area, please enter your street name in the field below to find the Collection Schedule for your area. When your street appears in the list, select it to download a PDF with your schedule.

We endeavour to adhere to collection times but the Company reserves the right to change these schedules any time without prior notice.

What can I put in my bin?

General waste
Not allowed
  • All general waste
  • Nappies
  • Soiled food
  • Packaging
  • Old candles
  • Plasters, etc
  • Vacuum cleaner contents
  • Broken delph
  • Contaminated plastics
Recycling waste
Not allowed
  • Newspapers/General paper
  • Magazines
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Drink (Aluminium) Cans
  • Washed Food (Steel/Tin) Cans
  • Washed Tetra-Pak Milk & Juice Cartons
  • Plastic Bottles (Mineral/Milk/Juice/Shampoo/Detergents)
  • Rigid Plastics (Pots/Tubs/Trays*)

If items once contained food or liquid they must be rinsed clean and given a shake to remove the water before going into your recycle bin. Food and liquid can contaminate the materials in the recycling bin. Wet paper cannot be recycled.

Food waste
Not allowed
  • Leaves, weeds and mosses (not sprayed with weed killer)
  • Dead plants and flowers
  • Grass and hedge cuttings (finger sized twigs)
  • Bread, pasta and rice
  • Meat, fish, poultry bones
  • Out of date food (no plastic packaging)
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds and paper filters
  • Fruit and vegetables (cooked and uncooked)
  • Food soiled cardboard or paper (no coated paper)
  • Eggs and dairy products (no plastic packaging)
  • Paper napkin and paper towels

All bins – general, recycling and food waste, must be fully closed and not overloaded when presented for collection. Please ensure your bin is left out on time each week as the company cannot guarantee collection for missed deliveries due to your bin not being out on time on collection day.

For Frequently Asked Questions about your brown bin click here.

To keep up with international standards in recycling we are promoting a list of the materials you can put in your household recycle bin. Please make sure items are clean, dry and placed loosely in the bin. If it’s not on the list, it’s not in the recycle bin. The list is consistent with the My Waste website. You can download the printable list to help you recycle more materials at home.

  • Only CLEAN and DRY recyclables are allowed in your recycling bin including - Cardboard, Newspapers, Empty and washed plastic bottles and cans.
  • Please do not put bags of recyclables in your bin. All recyclables should be loose in your bin. If your bin contains bags it will not be lifted.
  • Rinse all food & drink containers.
  • Ensure your bin is fully closed and do not leave any materials next to or on top of your bin. Under current Local Authority Bye-Laws this is an offence and you may be issued with a fine by the Council. For more information on Bye Laws please follow the appropriate link:

Dry Mix Recycling (Recycling Bin)


Leave your recycling bin out for collection on the designated day


Your recycling bin contents are collected by Thorntons Recycling and delivered to our processing facility


Recycling bin contents are processed at our state of the art facility in Parkwest, Dublin


The recycling waste is then turned into materials which can be used again

Recycling bin process

See what happens to your Green Bin contents at our state-of-the-art Mixed Dry Recycling (MDR) Facility in Parkwest.