Pay by Weight is coming on July 1st 2016 2017 and as a Thorntons Recycling customer you don’t have to worry about the changeover.

We currently weigh every lift from your household bins and know exactly how much each one weighs.
When the new rules begin we will simply be dropping our ‘per lift’ charge and instead applying a ‘per kg’ rate for each service.

You will have the opportunity to reduce your waste collection bill.

By engaging in recycling and putting your waste into the correct bins you can manage your waste costs. The waste bin will have the highest ‘per kg’ charge, followed by the organic bin and then the recycling bin.

To encourage positive environmental behaviour, changes are coming into force on 1 July 2016 2017, that will see all householders charged on a Pay by Weight basis for each of their bins. That’s the law and it applies to everyone in Ireland.

Take control over your waste bills.

The less your bin weighs, the less you pay, so there is a great incentive to prevent and recycle waste.

Not only will this benefit you, it is also good for the environment.

In areas where Pay by Weight is already operating, householders have become more efficient in segregating their waste, leading to a reduction in the amount of waste generated and a reduction in their costs.


Your recycling & brown bin per kg charge will be cheaper than your residual bin so by segregating correctly less goes in your residual bin, thereby, reducing your waste charge.

Recycling bins are free of charge based on no contamination.

How Pay by Weight works

From 1 July 2016 2017 Thorntons Recycling, and all other waste collectors, will be required to weigh a bin each time it is collected and to make that information available to the customer. You will then be charged based on the weight of the bin collected, not per lift, and a weekly service fee.

More information on Frequently Asked Questions can be seen below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the switch to ‘Pay by Weight’ start?

In accordance with new Government Legislation, commencing 1st July 2016 2017, Thorntons Recycling along with all household waste collection companies in Ireland will be implementing the new Pay by Weight system.


Why are Thorntons Recycling changing to a ‘Pay by Weight’ measurement?

We are instructed by law to introduce this system of charging under Statutory Instrument No. 24 ‘Waste Management (Collection Permit) (Amendment) Regulations 2016. The government is seeking to promote waste recycling through greater usage of Brown & Green bins thus reducing the amount of waste produced.


Does the ‘Pay by Weight’ legislation affect everyone?

Yes, every household in the country will be affected by the new legislation.


How will my waste be weighed?

Our fleet of vehicles have ‘state of the art’ technology which allows your bin to be weighed and recorded to your account. You will be able to track the weights from your bins online or even from your smartphone via our app. We have been using this system to weigh householder’s waste in recent years meaning there will be no interruption of service or weighing issues.


Can pre-paid bin bags or bin tags still be used?

No. There will however be some exceptional exemptions granted by local councils. This page will update when confirmed.


How can I find out how much waste I am producing?

You can track your weights and account history by simply logging into your Thorntons Recycling account online or using the app.


What can I do to keep my waste collection bills low?

The legislation gives every household the opportunity to reduce waste bills by segregating waste into the three bins provided. The green (recyclables) bin will have the lowest cost in the ‘Pay by Weight’ structure, followed by brown (food) and black (residual). Reduce your bills by putting food scraps into the brown bin rather than the domestic bin. See the Tips for reducing your bill section.


When will the ‘Pay by Weight’ billing begin?

Accounts will be billed according to weight from July 1st 2016 2017 under the new rules.


How do I know the weighing equipment is calibrated correctly?

All our weighing equipment is certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland. NSAI subject equipment to regular audits.


Will there be changes to the way I pay my bill?

No. You don’t need to do anything in relation to the switchover. We have been weighing your bins for many years and there will be no changes to your method of payment. You can review your balance at any time online with your account log in.