Product destruction

Thorntons Recycling offers a Specialist Product Destruction service available to all business sectors. Our facilities in Killeen Road and Parkwest are equipped with a range of machinery capable of destroying materials such as textiles, paper, metals, bonded warehouse alcohol, out of date food stuffs and plastics.

Thorntons Security Shredding Services specialist shredding and destruction process will guarantee and give full confidence to you our client that obsolete product is destroyed to a pre-agreed level.  We provide a full audit trail and certify all material processed by providing a certificate of destruction. Our processes are fully verifiable and we operate an “open door” policy to audit our process and facilities.  Furthermore we welcome our clients to come on site and view the destruction of their products.

Product listing for Destruction

  • Computer Hard drives
  • Defective or damaged products
  • Pharmaceutical boxes & foils
  • Medical devices
  • Product recall items
  • Out-of-date stock
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Bonded Alcohol
  • Printed labels
  • Swipe cards
  • Id badges
  • Credit cards
  • Cds and disks
  • End of Life Materials
  • Production Rejects
  • Misbranded Product
  • Production Waste
  • Excess Stock
  • Deficient or Defective Product