No dig, cured in place pipe, inversion relining system.

Our Drain Lining services include:

  • CCTV drain inspection and survey
  • Off road inspection and cleaning units purpose built for this type of inspection and repair
  • Dedicated team of experts and equipment for a “no dig” drain lining approach and patching

The “no dig” option also known as CIPP

Cured in place pipe (CIPP) drain lining provides a solution to worn and damaged drainage pipes.  The CIPP approach does not involve any digging up of broken pipes to replace them.  Instead a faster and more efficient technique known as ‘inversion’ is used to mould a new pipe inside the damaged pipe.  The flexible resin mould sets rigid and tight to the old, damaged pipe; there is minimal reduction in pipe diameter.

The advantages being immediate repair and restoration of flows, minimal disruption to traffic, no dig means no site restoration or additional materials required and no need for ancillary traffic management.

The Process

  1. A full and comprehensive CCTV report and inspection is conducted to ascertain faults in the pipe leading to problems such as leaking and root intrusion.
  2. Upon concluding that a new drain lining is required, an above the ground drain lining approach is used to feed a specially formulated resin in a flexible liner through the existing damaged pipe.
  3. Inflating the flexible liner to expand to the old pipe, the curing process then takes place.
  4. On completion the flexible liner is removed leaving a tightly fitted rigid new pipe.
  5. Lateral cuts can then be made.


Site Visit

With the experience and expertise we have behind us, we are consistently able to provide a service based upon reliability,completing the job in the shortest time possible, keeping costs and disruption to a minimum.  We are happy to carry out a free no-obligation site visit to meet with you and discuss your requirements.

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